7 Incredible Museums to Visit in Honor of International Museum Day

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Celebrity Cruises, Shore Excursions, Museums, Tours, International Museum DayThe world is chockfull of fascinating holidays that not many people may be aware of. One of these holidays just so happens to fall next week: International Museum Day. Every year, since 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) organizes International Museum Day on May 18 to raise awareness of the role museums play in the development of culture and society. Each year centers around a different theme, and participating museums plan an array of activities that can last anywhere from a day to an entire week.

In honor of next week’s International Museum Day, we thought it fitting to highlight some of the incredible museums we visit on some of our Shore Excursions. Below are seven of the most fascinating, extraordinary, and unexpected museums you can explore on our tours:

ABBA Museum (Stockholm, Sweden) – Named one of the top three destinations in Sweden by international travel agencies at the yearly Swedish Tourist Gala 2013, ABBA The Museum pays tribute to Sweden’s most successful band. On this tour, you’ll enjoy the unique opportunity to trace the band’s historically acclaimed career from the group’s beginnings in 1970, through their grand world tours, to their split in 1983. Continue reading “7 Incredible Museums to Visit in Honor of International Museum Day”

Pamper Your Mom this Mother’s Day with a Celebrity Shore Excursion

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Spending Mother’s Day on a Celebrity Cruises® vacation? If so, there’s no better way to forge incredible memories together during your time in port than by treating her to one of our amazing Shore Excursions. Whether the goal is to relax and recharge with mom, or to cut loose and let your hair down together, we have an array of unique destination experiences that the entire family can enjoy and that will leave mom feeling like a queen.


Pampering Mom

What better way to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her than by ensuring she enjoys a carefree day, spoiled and pampered? Try our new and enriching Wellness Rituals, featuring a bevy of fitness, nutrition, spa, and spiritual experiences that will nurture mom’s mind, body, and soul. From an invigorating yoga session in Ravenna, Italy to a delicious – and nutritious – organic food experience at a garden farm in Skagway, Alaska, there are endless wellness shore excursions to choose from to help your mother unwind and find her inner Zen.

For a scenic and luxurious experience, treat your mom to an intimate and exclusive ride aboard the legendary White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad’s opulent Legacy Club Car, complete with a private guide, delicious appetizers, and all-inclusive beverages along the way.

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The Double Threat of Maria Ho: Premier Poker Player & World-Savvy Traveler

Maria Ho: World Traveler and World-Class Poker Player
Maria Ho: World Traveler and World-Class Poker Player

Maria Ho, who is currently ranked in the world’s top 3 best female poker players (she’s been last woman standing in two World Series of Poker finals) is also extremely well traveled, globe trotting on frequent trips to Europe, the Caribbean, and Australasia. However, you might know her best as a contestant on the 15th season of award-winning CBS show, The Amazing Race.

Born in Taiwan http://www.celebritycruises.com/destinations/ports/taipei, Maria moved to LA with her parents and sister at the age of 4. She attended the University of California at San Diego and received a degree in communication studies and a minor in law. It was then that she picked up poker, playing occasionally for fun with friends. After graduating, Maria moved back to Los Angeles and built enough confidence and skill set to pursue poker professionally. Taking the industry by storm just one year after launching her career, Maria played in The World Series of Poker and, in 2007 and was The Last Woman Standing, finishing 38th out of over 6,000 players. In 2011, she won the same title, finishing 27th at the World Series of Poker Europe main event, which—to date—makes her the first and only player to ever hold both titles at the 2 tournaments’ main events, which have earned her more than $1.6 million in the short course of her whirlwind career.

We recently caught up with Maria to discuss poker-playing prowess and world-class travel.

What would be your top 5 tips for poker playing novices?

  1. Study and apply yourself to the game. There is always something more to learn    about poker and tons of resources to help you become a great player.
  1. Be humble and realize there is always room for improvement. Be willing to honestly look at the holes in your game and correct them.

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Wanderlust: Gifts for the Internationally Minded Moms

CEL_EUR_Capri_Family_TH84157 (1)

Buying gifts for the people we love most can often be challenging—we want them to be thoughtful, personal, and demonstrative of our sentiments. Additional woes, such as purchasing a present for the person who has everything, traveled everywhere, and has discerning international tastes to boot, only serve to make the pursuit more difficult. So, with May around the corner, cue Mother’s Day-buying angst for so many of us who want to shower Mom with love, gratitude, and—of course—a gift she’ll cherish and enjoy. With this in mind, we’ve curated our favorite presents for the Moms out there with wanderlust.


The Food-Loving Mom

Try the World, $50 – $210

We’re a little bit smitten with this subscription box service that’ll bring Mom a taste of world travel right to her doorstep. Choose from a single stop, a “6-Month Journey,” or a “1-Year World Tour,” and Mom will receive a culinary expedition of six or seven signature delicacies selected by a celebrated chef from the “country of the month.”

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Uncover the Wonders of Turkey on Celebrity’s Spectacular Multi-Day Shore Excursion

Turkey, Turkish Delights - Cappadocia Overnight Tour, Celebrity Cruises, Shore ExcursionsTurkey is the meeting point of Europe and Asia, and a melting pot of color, flavor, and culture. Boasting grandiose architectural structures, fantastic cuisine, and stunning landscapes, the country offers a host of incredible experiences for everyone to enjoy. And if you’re planning on visiting Turkey on a Celebrity cruise, there’s no better way to soak in all of this magnificent country’s marvels than on a Multi-Day Adventure Shore Excursion, like our Turkish Delights: Cappadocia Overnight Tour. This three-day journey takes you across some of Turkey’s most beloved landmarks and attractions, with visits to Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Cappadocia.

First, you’ll head to Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and the epicenter of the country’s economy, history, and culture, for an in-depth tour of the Old City. You’ll explore such sights as the Hippodrome, the center of Byzantium life for 1,000 years; the breathtaking Blue Mosque (Mosque of Sultan Ahmed I), the only original mosque in the world with six minarets; St. Sophia Museum (Hagia Sophia), renowned for its magnificent dome, beautiful frescoes, and ancient mosaics; and Topkapi Palace, a great walled complex that was once home to the Ottoman Empire’s Sultans.

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Benvenuto Expo Milano 2015: What To See at This Year’s Universal Exhibition

Screengrab courtesy of Expo Milano
Screengrab courtesy of Expo Milano

Celebrity guests headed to Italy this summer or fall should consider a detour to Milan where Andrea Bocelli will open Expo Milano 2015 on April 30. Running through October 31, the international fair will showcase technology from over 140 countries, and welcome over 20 million visitors. The historical city, which is home to majestic Gothic cathedral, the Duomo, and Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, previously hosted the Expo in 1906, when the show—which opened in conjunction with the opening of the Simplon Tunnel—was dedicated to transportation.

Participating countries will put forward their best cultural and technological ideas on this year’s timely theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, encouraging visitors to consider how we can continue to produce food safely and sufficiently. Exhibits include a 12-acre wheat field built near the city’s new Porta Nuova business district, and a “sustainable hub,” sponsored by Celebrity’s official coffee, Lavazza. With food being the central theme, Expo 2015 will also pay tribute to the best of each exhibiting country’s gastronomic traditions, including Italian specialties from Mario Batali’s American delicatessen chain Eataly, and frozen treats courtesy of the Gelato Festival.

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Tura Turizm: Protecting the Environment One Shore Excursion at a Time


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In honor of yesterday’s Earth Day, we wanted to highlight just one of the many ways we carry out our commitment to protecting Mother Earth each and every day: by partnering with tour operators that share our passion for environmental protection, like Tura Turizm. Since 2009, Turkey-based Tura Turizm has been a member of the Green Globe, the global certification for sustainable tourism which recognizes companies and organizations that are committed to making positive contributions to the environment and people. The company prides on running an ‘eco-conscious’ tour program, as well as practicing a host of other conservation and humanitarian efforts.

Here, we’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the incredible environmentally-friendly practices Tura Turizm upholds that help to further cultivate a bond between guests and the destination visited, while fostering a greener, more habitable world.

Environmentally-friendly mementos

Whether enjoying one of Tura Turizm’s Shore Excursions in Istanbul or Kusadasi, Celebrity Cruises® guests will be treated to an array of environmentally-friendly keepsakes, including a pen, refreshing towel, and gift pack. In Istanbul, an eco-friendly apron and gloves are offered to cruisers participating in the Mediterranean Cooking Experience tour, while environmentally safe “Mosque Bags” are given to guests to store shoes during mosque visits.

Planning a visit to the Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus? If so, you’ll receive a holy water pot, made from organic soil that can be used to collect holy water from the fountain outside the house. The material is also aimed at reflecting the pottery used by Ephesians in the 1st Century A.D.

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Enjoy an Evening of Culture and Entertainment in Portugal

Celebrity Cruises, An Evening of Fado and Folklore, Shore Excursion, Lisbon, Portugal

Heading to Portugal on a Celebrity cruise any time soon? If you’re looking to spend an evening immersed in culture and authentic local entertainment, be sure to check out our new Evening with Fado and Folklore shore excursion in Lisbon. The tour is an exciting addition to our new Evenings Around the World Shore Excursions collection, which showcases some of the most unique, intriguing, and distinctive activities and happenings at a port of call that take place after the sun sets.

On this excursion, you’ll discover one of Portugal’s iconic cultural hallmarks, Fado, while also being treated to a spectacular song and dance performance. Fado, translated from the Latin word “fatum”, meaning destiny, is a centuries-old genre of music typically characterized by poignant melodies and lyrics. An integral part of the history and life of the Portuguese people, Fado is recognized on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

First, you’ll take in some of Lisbon’s beautiful nighttime sights on the drive to a local Fado House, a tavern where Fado performances are traditionally held. The venue is charming and intimate, boasting décor and furnishings typical to the taverns of yesteryear where Fado music was played.

After being shown to your seats, you’ll instantly feel as though you were transported hundreds of years back in time to the days when Fado originated. Before long, the performance will begin and you won’t help but feel captivated by the entrancing and soulful lyrics, profound choreography, and intense rhythms of the folkloric music.

A centuries-old cultural tradition comes to life before your eyes on our Evening with Fado and Folklore shore excursion. It’s an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime and the perfect way to see, feel, and actually become a part of the most emblematic representation of Portuguese heritage.

See the World from a New Perspective with Celebrity Shore Excursions

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At Celebrity Cruises®, we’re committed to giving you a truly remarkable vacation experience, connecting you with the world through exclusive and extraordinary tours and activities to take you far beyond the shores, and straight to the heart of the destination and its people.

With that said, we’re excited to announce that we’re introducing four unique Shore Excursion collections, which cater to individual preferences and lifestyle: Uniquely Celebrity, Culture & Locale, Lifestyle & Wellness, and Family.

Discover how easy it is to pick your perfect experiences as we introduce our most spectacular collection of shore excursions to date.


The Uniquely Celebrity Collection

We’ve partnered with locals around the world to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences that are exclusive to Celebrity. For the ultimate in modern luxury, our Uniquely Celebrity premium excursions are not to be missed. Choose from a range of Celebrity ExclusivesSM, our premiere excursions, like The Winds of Tuscany, where you can glide over the Tuscan countryside on a hot air balloon, or create your very own dream experience, completely tailored to your desires, with our Private JourneysSM.

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Connect with your loved ones on Celebrity Cruises’ Big Nugget Family Tour Challenge in Skagway, Alaska

Celebrity Shore Excursions, Family Tour Challenge, The Big Nugget, Skagway, Alaska

Alaska is filled with wonderful opportunities for families to explore, learn, and forge lasting memories together. If you’re planning a Celebrity cruise vacation to Alaska with your loved ones, we have an array of exciting adventures your whole family will enjoy, including our popular Family Tour Challenge – The Big Nugget in Skagway.

From gold panning to interacting with professional dog mushers and their pups, this incredible Shore Excursion offers the perfect chance for you to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying an unforgettable firsthand look at Alaska’s famous Gold Rush days.

But don’t take our word for it; see what one of our guests, PHILMARJ, has to say about this amazing destination experience:

“This was a great excursion. We learned a lot about the Iditarod race from someone who had competed multiple times. We got to meet a dog sled team and young husky puppies that we got to hold. We also got to see the dogs pull a sled on a gravel track. Next we got to dress to go into a very cold room to experience 40 below. From there, we got a tour and explanation of a gold mine dredging operation, gold panning and then had the opportunity to pan gold ourselves. From gold panning, we went to a beer tasting room where we were able to sample a variety of commercially available and beers brewed locally at the excursion site. After the beer tasting and tour of the brewing local facilities, we were treated to a delicious meal in an adjacent building. We would highly recommend this tour for adults and families.”