Think Outside the Frame: How to Make Your Trip Mementos Shine

This scene will probably seem all too familiar. You arrive home from your grand vacation adventure. You can’t wait to display trophies of your trip: pieces of unique art, photos from famous locales, neat little doodads that bring a sense of worldliness into your home. In a flurry of excitement, you throw black-framed photos on your wall and an exotic statuary on your end table. But now it seems dull, disjointed. Your exciting souvenirs fade into the rest of your decor. We consulted interior design professionals for tips on how to draw focus to your vacation mementos in ways that are as elegant as they are creative.

The go-to method for displaying photos is usually picture frames, of course. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull collection of unrelated snapshots in homogeneous frames. Berley Farber, personal curator, designer, and owner of
San Francisco-based Farber Art Services, recommends creating a montage of your vacation photos and mementos on one wall to tell the complete story of your trip. He also mentions that if you want that extra artist’s eye, you can always hire a professional designer for hanging photos. Rates can run around $150 per hour. Continue reading “Think Outside the Frame: How to Make Your Trip Mementos Shine”

Refreshing Red Wines for the Summer

How to Read A Wine LabelReaching for a glass of red wine is something often associated with a chilly fall evening or a brisk winter night in front of a roaring fire in the hearth. But don’t rule out red when it comes to choosing a refreshing beverage while having fun in the sun.

“Oftentimes people think that red wine is too heavy for the palate when it’s warm and sunny outside,” says Vincent Havard, operating partner of Mercy Wine Bar in Dallas, Texas, which was named Best Wine Bar in the U.S. by Nightclub & Bar magazine. “But if you’re a red wine drinker, there are a few wines that will work well with the warmer weather.”

The secret, Havard says, is to find a light-bodied wine that will sit on the tongue rather than feeling intrusive. “We usually like everything lighter in warmer weather, so it makes perfect sense to drink lighter beverages.”

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Why ‘Mad Men’ is an Icon for Modern Times

Mad MenAMC’s advertising drama Mad Men, which returns for its sixth season April 13, has spawned a revolution that touches all aspects of modern culture. Even if you don’t watch the show, which stars Jon Hamm as disaffected advertising executive Don Draper, you have felt its effects, as it spills over into fields from fashion to furnishings to travel (cruisers who find themselves stopping through New York City can even take an eating-and-drinking Mad Men tour). Designer Michael Kors found inspiration from the show for his 2008 runway collection, explaining at the time that it “harkens back to people being polished, turned out, and elegant, and women looking feminine and and curvy and men looking tailored.” As a result, he debuted a men’s collection with narrower shoulders, a leaner lapel, and a shorter jacket, with heavy-rimmed glasses as a unisex accessory.

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‘Mad Men’ Nostalgia: Remembering Eastern Airlines’ ‘The Wings of Man’ Campaign

Mad MenFrom Eastern Airlines’ inception in the 1920s, the carrier was dedicated to a simple core mission: make air travel better – for everyone. The always-innovative airline, once one of America’s Big Four, is responsible for ushering in the era of universally accessible air travel while attaining the highest standards of air transportation.

While the name Eastern once meant service only in the East, the 1960s saw the airline spread its wings even further, with expanded routes to sun-soaked destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America. To reflect the paradigmatic shift, Eastern needed to find the right advertising message. Enter Young & Rubicam, one of the real firms of the advertising world depicted in the popular AMC drama series “Mad Men,” which returns for its seventh (and final) season April 13. Under the visionary leadership of Stephen Frankfurt, the firm was moving full speed ahead in a creative revolution of  its own. The result was one of the greatest airline campaigns ever created: Eastern Airlines – The Wings of Man.

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“Fleming” Puts Jamaica Back in the Spotlight

CatamaranThroughout the month of February, BBC America is airing the four-part original miniseries “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond,” a dramatization of how British Naval Intelligence officer Ian Fleming becomes the creator of the world’s most licensed-to-kill spy. The series opens on “Goldeneye,” Fleming’s 15-acre waterfront estate just east of Ocho Rios in Jamaica’s Oracabessa Bay where the British writer typed out his Bond novels. The locale remains a busy tourist attraction to this day.

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Donna Karan’s Expert Travel Tips

ShoppingDonna Karan may be best known as the head of a multimillion-dollar fashion empire, but she’s also the founder of the Urban Zen Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving global health by combining Western medicine with nutrition, yoga and Eastern healing practices. To support the New York-based center, which is currently hosting an Urban Zen Holiday Marketplace in part for charity, Karan travels the globe to broaden her horizons and help others. She’s also constantly on the road looking for creative inspiration for her brand.

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