Uncover the Wonders of Turkey on Celebrity’s Spectacular Multi-Day Shore Excursion

Turkey, Turkish Delights - Cappadocia Overnight Tour, Celebrity Cruises, Shore ExcursionsTurkey is the meeting point of Europe and Asia, and a melting pot of color, flavor, and culture. Boasting grandiose architectural structures, fantastic cuisine, and stunning landscapes, the country offers a host of incredible experiences for everyone to enjoy. And if you’re planning on visiting Turkey on a Celebrity cruise, there’s no better way to soak in all of this magnificent country’s marvels than on a Multi-Day Adventure Shore Excursion, like our Turkish Delights: Cappadocia Overnight Tour. This three-day journey takes you across some of Turkey’s most beloved landmarks and attractions, with visits to Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Cappadocia.

First, you’ll head to Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and the epicenter of the country’s economy, history, and culture, for an in-depth tour of the Old City. You’ll explore such sights as the Hippodrome, the center of Byzantium life for 1,000 years; the breathtaking Blue Mosque (Mosque of Sultan Ahmed I), the only original mosque in the world with six minarets; St. Sophia Museum (Hagia Sophia), renowned for its magnificent dome, beautiful frescoes, and ancient mosaics; and Topkapi Palace, a great walled complex that was once home to the Ottoman Empire’s Sultans.

After soaking in these exceptional sights, you’ll fly to Cappadocia, a unique and ancient mountainous region in Central Anatolia that’s teeming with extraordinary natural wonders. Enjoy a good night’s rest at a luxurious and exotic cave hotel, a modern and opulent take on Cappadocia’s ancient cave dwellings. In the morning, you’ll embark on a full-day adventure to experience more of the city’s intriguing caves. Visit Kaymakli Underground City, where early Christians hid from persecutors; Pigeon Valley, one of Turkey’s most colorful and breathtaking landscapes; and Göreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The third day of your multi-day experience brings you to Kuşadasi, a spectacular seaside resort town dating back to 3000 BC. Here, you’ll visit the House of Virgin Mary, where the Blessed Virgin is reputed to have spent the last years of her life. Continue to Ephesus, where you’ll behold a plethora of historical landmarks, including the Odeon, Fountain of Trajan, steam baths of Scholastika, temple of Hadrian, Library of Celcius, Grand Theater, and Temple of Artemis (to name just a few).

If we’ve captured your imagination with details of this extraordinary Shore Excursion, be sure to check out the Turkish Delights: Cappadocia Overnight Tour for a truly immersive experience on your next Celebrity Mediterranean Cruise.

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