Tura Turizm: Protecting the Environment One Shore Excursion at a Time


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In honor of yesterday’s Earth Day, we wanted to highlight just one of the many ways we carry out our commitment to protecting Mother Earth each and every day: by partnering with tour operators that share our passion for environmental protection, like Tura Turizm. Since 2009, Turkey-based Tura Turizm has been a member of the Green Globe, the global certification for sustainable tourism which recognizes companies and organizations that are committed to making positive contributions to the environment and people. The company prides on running an ‘eco-conscious’ tour program, as well as practicing a host of other conservation and humanitarian efforts.

Here, we’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the incredible environmentally-friendly practices Tura Turizm upholds that help to further cultivate a bond between guests and the destination visited, while fostering a greener, more habitable world.

Environmentally-friendly mementos

Whether enjoying one of Tura Turizm’s Shore Excursions in Istanbul or Kusadasi, Celebrity Cruises® guests will be treated to an array of environmentally-friendly keepsakes, including a pen, refreshing towel, and gift pack. In Istanbul, an eco-friendly apron and gloves are offered to cruisers participating in the Mediterranean Cooking Experience tour, while environmentally safe “Mosque Bags” are given to guests to store shoes during mosque visits.

Planning a visit to the Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus? If so, you’ll receive a holy water pot, made from organic soil that can be used to collect holy water from the fountain outside the house. The material is also aimed at reflecting the pottery used by Ephesians in the 1st Century A.D.

Environmentally-conscious services and projects

Tura Turizm practices an array of eco-friendly and energy conservation efforts, both in and outside of their offices. Employees are fully trained in all aspects of environmental protection and are constantly encouraged to come up with new ways to practice sustainable tourism. Staff is also fully trained in first aid (as approved by the Red Cross) and fully briefed in Green Globe procedures.

Among the environmentally-conscious services and projects Tura Turizm offers are:

  • Emission-friendly transportation means.
  • Periodic cleaning of the Kusadasi Port marine area with the assistance of professional divers to reduce the environmental impact caused by port traffic and ship visits.
  • Recycling bins across Ephesus and Istanbul so guests can dispose of paper, glass, and plastic separately.
  • Exclusive mobile sanitary services in Istanbul and Kusadasi for Celebrity Cruises – all equipped with environmentally-friendly materials and detergents.
  • For the Ephesian Modus Vivandi and Biblical Ephesus tours, guests are offered menus printed on recyclable paper and are provided with a ‘Push & Clean’ towelette, made of cellulose (bamboo tree), a 100% natural, biodegradable, and natural organic fiber.
  • Tura Turizm also came up with the wonderful idea of planting a tree for each guest who has taken a full day excursion in Kusadasi. The company reserved land from the “Ministry of Forestry” and has planted 50,000 trees since 2006. Guests can view the forest during their excursions. After the tour, guests are given an “Environment Friendly Tree Planting Certificate” for contributing to the betterment of the planet, printed on recycled paper.

Supporting local communities while protecting the environment

Tura Turizm makes every effort to support local communities, donating a portion of Shore Excursion proceeds to the very destinations included in their tour program, such as by contributing to local industries, community projects, and the maintenance of several local landmarks.

Not only does Tura Turizm partner with Celebrity to offer exciting Shore Excursions for guests to choose from while visiting Turkey, but the company is committed to protecting the environment and helping local communities as well, ensuring a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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