Celebrity Cruises Announces 2015 Top Chef Signature Sailing

top chef at sea

Get ready, Top Chef fans: Celebrity Cruises® has announced their 2015 Top Chef Signature Sailing. Like last year’s offerings, guests will able to dine, learn from, and interact with past cheftestants, which this year includes newest Top Chef alumni Gregory Gourdet and Doug Adams, as well as past favorites Nina ComptonAsh Fulk, Tiffany Derry and Chris Crary. The group will lead private cooking classes and best of all—and new to this year—host shore excursions with guests. Also new to this year: dual-style cooking demonstrations, which will pit cheftestants against each other in a culinary battle, while answering fans’ questions. In true reality show-style, the audience members will decide on the ultimate battle winner.

The 2015 Top Chef Signature Sailing will set sail on Saturday, November 14 onboard the Celebrity Reflection®. It joins Celebrity’s ongoing Top Chef at Sea activities, which include interactive Quickfire Challenges and Top Chef-inspired menu evenings on board nine of their ships, for all sailings departing through June 2016. Guests will indulge in some of the dishes the judges raved about on the show at Top Chef Night in the main restaurant.

Sign up now to see what culinary adventures lie in store for this year’s passengers.


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Cruises Announces 2015 Top Chef Signature Sailing

  1. shefali shah

    This was my 10th cruising experience abroad celebrity constellation sailing form Fort Lauderdale on march 7-12 to Key west and Cozumel. My husband, myself and our 18 yo son went on this cruise this past month. The ports were awesome and weather great. Celebrity had sold 900 of the 2100 tickets to spring breakers, most from FL schools. It turned out to be students from frats and sororities from FL colleges. The entire ship became party for the spring breakers. The dining room was full of rude loud curses from the frat boys and the staff had no control of them. The captain made many announcements regarding the behavior issues but nothing else was done. There was vomit on decks the staff had a tough time keeping up with esp in mornings. I had made a complaint during the formal night when the table next us broke out in a fight of f words. WE were told that we would be compensated for the drinks. A relationship manager by the name of Morgan for Celebrity took weeks to get back to me, put me on hold for extended periods of time then without a real apology said we don’t compensate for that sort of stuff. No more celebrity cruises for me.

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