Connect with your loved ones on Celebrity Cruises’ Big Nugget Family Tour Challenge in Skagway, Alaska

Celebrity Shore Excursions, Family Tour Challenge, The Big Nugget, Skagway, Alaska

Alaska is filled with wonderful opportunities for families to explore, learn, and forge lasting memories together. If you’re planning a Celebrity cruise vacation to Alaska with your loved ones, we have an array of exciting adventures your whole family will enjoy, including our popular Family Tour Challenge – The Big Nugget in Skagway.

From gold panning to interacting with professional dog mushers and their pups, this incredible Shore Excursion offers the perfect chance for you to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying an unforgettable firsthand look at Alaska’s famous Gold Rush days.

But don’t take our word for it; see what one of our guests, PHILMARJ, has to say about this amazing destination experience:

“This was a great excursion. We learned a lot about the Iditarod race from someone who had competed multiple times. We got to meet a dog sled team and young husky puppies that we got to hold. We also got to see the dogs pull a sled on a gravel track. Next we got to dress to go into a very cold room to experience 40 below. From there, we got a tour and explanation of a gold mine dredging operation, gold panning and then had the opportunity to pan gold ourselves. From gold panning, we went to a beer tasting room where we were able to sample a variety of commercially available and beers brewed locally at the excursion site. After the beer tasting and tour of the brewing local facilities, we were treated to a delicious meal in an adjacent building. We would highly recommend this tour for adults and families.”

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