How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep on Vacation

Sleeping TipsIsn’t it ironic that while we take vacations to relax, the changes in location and time zones can often lead to less—not more—sleep? However, visiting new countries and continents shouldn’t be exhausting. Here, Celebrity’s AXESS magazine presents four easy ways to get some quality shuteye while away from home.


Since vacations are about temporarily cutting ties with the day to day, detach from your home time zone and reset to your destination’s by adjusting all of your time-telling devices to the local time. Experts also believe that simple things like sticking to a set schedule and taking in the sunsets help to reset your internal timer.


Partaking in the party while on board may involve more alcohol than your body is used to; not to mention that delectable dining is most certainly on the schedule each and every day of your trip. But heavy foods eaten late at night along with too much imbibement are known to impede sleep. May we suggest this sage advice: everything in moderation.


Even if a morning shower is an essential step in your daily routine, clean skin slipping into fresh sheets at night can actually aid sleep. Remember to keep the water on the cool side as your internal temperature plays an important part in a good night’s rest, and perhaps incorporate some aromatherapy and herbal aids while you unwind under the shower. Lavender, chamomile, and valerian are known to have sedative properties, and melatonin has been linked to the regulation of circadian rhythms.


Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post fame reports that she packs extra scarves when she travels in order to make the room very dark. In addition, sleeping masks, ear plugs, and even bracelets like those that use Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology can be effective ingredients in your getting the full forty winks no matter where you roam.

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