The Best of Bermuda After Dark: 3 Incredible Sunset Shore Excursions

Bermuda, Bermuda Shore Excursions, Celebrity Cruises, Sunset, CatamaranThey say that a city comes alive after the sun goes down. And here at Celebrity Cruises®, we couldn’t agree more. While Bermuda’s remarkable rose-colored sands and vibrant culture offer plenty for cruise-goers to enjoy in the crisp light of day, this Caribbean hot spot offers a world of treasures that are best experienced after dark. Throw in a shimmering sunset, fantastic music, and phenomenal coastal views, and you’ve got yourself a nighttime adventure for the history books. So if you’re a creature of the night, then we invite you to experience Bermuda like never before. Check out these incredible shore excursions and discover the best of Bermuda after the sun sets.


Slip Away to Harbor Nights

No Bermuda vacation is truly complete without a touch of island pizzazz. This beautiful island knows how to party, and the residents are extending an invitation for you to join in the fun. As the name suggests, our Slip Away to Harbor Nights shore excursion will whisk you off into the Bermuda night scene so you can experience a night out on the town just like a local. On Wednesday nights, Bermuda kicks it into high gear on bustling Front Street and Celebrity Cruises has your ticket to the lively celebration. A few cocktails on a private motorboat cruise will set the mood just right before reaching the shore, where you’ll have free reign to soak up the live music, food, art, and late-night shopping. It’s the electricity of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street sprinkled with the laid-back flair of Key West’s Duvall Street. In other words, it’s a blast.


Bermuda Triangle Nightlife Glassbottom Cruise

Is your inner adventurer itching to be unleashed? We’ve got just the fix. There’s no better place to you quench your thirst for excitement than while uncovering the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. If you’re craving a different kind of spin on the Bermuda nightlife experience, our Bermuda Triangle Nightlife Glassbottom Cruise offers plenty of unexpected thrills as you venture into the quiet waters surrounding this mystifying region. At this point, you might be wondering how you’re going to see anything below water after dark? That’s the beauty of Bermuda, there’s always a surprise lurking around every corner. As you slip away from the shore, you’ll suddenly begin to notice the sea beneath you come alive with brilliant beams of light. Gaze in awe as the water illuminates with an array of exotic fish, vibrant coral, and intriguing marine life you never even imagined existed. You might even see a shipwreck or two in the famous triangle.


White Night Catamaran Sail

If a more intimate setting is what you crave, then sail into the sunset aboard Bermuda’s award-winning Rising Son II catamaran for the twilight cruise of a lifetime. Don your best white-hued ensemble with Bermuda shorts and knee high socks and get ready for a party like no other as you glide across the Great Sound of Bermuda. Sip on classic Caribbean Rum Swizzles, dance to the beat of festive island music beneath the stars, and surrender to the magnificent sight of the sun setting into the sparkling bay. Our White Night Catamaran Sail offers the perfect chance to experience the quintessential tropical night in Bermuda and embrace the island spirit.


There you have it. If you’re up for some after-dark excitement, then join us for a night of unexpected adventure and good old island fun in Bermuda.

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