Anchorage Celebrates its Centennial

Anchorage_Anchorage_MuseumWhen most people think of Alaska, they think of its capital city of Anchorage. Not only does the South-Central city house almost half the state’s population, but it also hosts many of the events and natural phenomenon that most outsiders associate with Alaska, including the Aurora Borealis lights, the Iditarod dog sledding race, and wildlife sightings of moose, bears, whales and eagles.

All of those iconic city emblems will be out in full force this year, as Anchorage celebrates its 100th anniversary. Officially, the city won’t turn 100 until July 9, but the city has celebrations planned for the entire year—and Alaska-bound cruisers won’t want to miss out. (Check out our list of our top-five Alaska shore excursions).

A calendar of events is posted on the Anchorage Centennial website, with frequent updates being added. Unsurprisingly, the city has planned a series of lecture series and museum exhibits, but it’s also hosting a train show, talent competition, PrideFest, and the Miners and Trappers Ball. The theme of the celebratory ball all is Anchorage’s “Tent Cennial,” a nod to the city’s historic start as a “tent city” near the start of Ship Creek in 1914.

Also paying homage to Anchorage’s start as a “tent city” is the Chamber of Commerce, who will put on a two-day Tent City Festival. The event is expected to attract over 50,000 guests, and walk both locals and tourists through Anchorage’s history, including displays about the importance of the Alaska Railroad in the 1920s and oil and gas development in the 1970s.

Guests can stay updated with the Anchorage Centennial and connect with other interested parties on the event’s Facebook page.

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