Expect the Unexpected in Alaska: 3 Unusual Things to do in Ketchikan

Unusual, shore excursions, celebrity cruises, AlaskaWhat comes to mind when you think of Ketchikan, Alaska? Do you picture wild, open spaces where some of the world’s most unique creatures roam? Do you envision majestic, towering glaciers that glisten in surreal hues of blue and silver? If this is pretty much in line with your own take on Ketchikan, you’re not alone. Alaska’s southeasternmost city is renowned for its natural beauty and wildlife. But what if we told you there was another side to Ketchikan that not many are privy to?

Friends, we cordially invite you to cast aside any pre-conceived notions you may have of this vast and mysterious region, and welcome a different version of Ketchikan you would never fathom existed. Check out these three unusual shore excursions in Ketchikan and prepare to redefine your concept of “The Last Frontier”.

1) Snorkeling

Snorkeling? In Alaska? Definitely not your typical Alaskan pastime. Sounds strange, but some of the best experiences are, after all, the ones you least expect. With our Mountain Point Snorkeling Adventure in Ketchikan, you’ll enjoy the rare opportunity to discover some of Alaska’s beautiful marine life up close and personal as you snorkel across the famed Inside Passage at Mountain Point. Right now you must be thinking: “It’s Alaska, the water’s freezing!” But never fear; not only will you be wearing a wetsuit, but temperatures actually reach a comfortable 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the mid-summer. Plus, you’ll warm up with a hot beverage after the experience. So come on in, the water’s fine. A spectacular undersea wonderland of sea stars, urchins, fish, and even underwater free diving rock walls awaits.

2) Geocaching

If you haven’t heard of Geocaching, now’s the time. And what better way to learn about this interactive pastime than surrounded by stunning, inspirational views in a verdant rainforest? (Bet you didn’t think Alaska had rainforests!) Geocaching is the ultimate treasure hunt, and on our Island Rainforest Geocaching Adventure, one of our exciting Family Tour Challenges, it’s also the ultimate unique family experience. Equipped with your very own Global Positioning Device (GPS), you’ll journey to Ketchikan’s lush Tongass National Forest – the largest national forest in the United States – and search for hidden clues, aka “geocaches”. Each clue serves as a piece of a grand puzzle. Collect all the clues, solve the puzzle, and you win. Unbridled nature meets modern innovation on this one-of-a-kind experience in Ketchikan.

3) Time traveling

Ok, so maybe you won’t literally be catapulted across the cosmos through some bizarre wormhole that materializes solely in Ketchikan, but on our Saxman Native Totem Village excursion, you’ll step back in time to uncover the ancient legends, traditions, and culture of the Tlingit villagers at Saxman Totem Park. Did you know that Ketchikan boasts the world’s largest collection of standing totem poles? Check them out for yourself as you explore the array of elaborately carved sentinels, used to recount stories, depict ancestry lineages, and convey notable events. You don’t need to time travel to watch the culture of southeast Alaskan natives come to life at Saxman Totem Park.

There you have it, some of the most remarkable activities imaginable in Ketchikan – and all of which are yours to enjoy through Celebrity Cruises’ Shore Excursions. So if you’re planning on setting sail to Alaska anytime soon and are jonesing for a truly “outside the box” experience, then unleash your inner adventurer and join us ashore as we experience the unexpected in Ketchikan.

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