Consumer Electronics Show 2015: What’s New for Travelers?

swarovski wearables
Swarovski wearables at CES 2015. Courtesy of @intlces Instagram.

Most of the buzz at this year’s the “Internet of Things”-themed Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place last week in Las Vegas, centered on the need for all 21st-century products to be connected to the Internet. Exhibitors like Samsung and Sony eagerly showed off new gadgets as well as upgraded older gadgets, like LG’s twin washing machine and a $1200 Sony Walkman, now equipped to play digital music.

Among all the big announcements about self-driving cars, WiFi-connected tea kettles and 3-D printers, exhibitors also debuted a number of nifty gadgets that would be incredibly fun or useful for travelers. First up is the Panasonic Lumix TZ70 travel camera, which boasts of an enhanced low-light performance and powerful optical zoom that makes it ideal for travelers. Globetrotters might also get a kick out of the FLIR ONE thermal camera, which can help you take “thermal” selfies—pictures based on the heat emanating from your body. Speaking of selfies, Lenovo’s new Xtension Selfie Flash is a small device you plug into your smartphone’s headphone jack to help brighten up your photos from the front.

Exercise aficionados determined to maintain their work out schedules while on vacation—but want to do so with style—are likely to love Swarovski’s new “Shine” activity trackers. Each piece—including the “Slake” bracelet and “Vio” pendant—not only features signature sparkle, but is embedded with expert tracking technology that measures steps, calories burned, distance and even sleep quality. Vacationers can also bring with them the Smart Mat, an intelligent yoga mat that tracks your usage and provides advice on how best to move between poses.

We’re also a fan of Sony’s racket sensor, a red, Bluetooth-connected nub that sends information about your swing to a smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, the sensor is just a prototype for now, but tennis players looking to improve their backhand can hope.

What products from CES are you most interested in trying out?


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