Celebrity of the Moment: Srdjan Cetkovic, Chief Housekeeper

celebrity of the momentMeet Srdjan Cetkovic, Celebrity Cruises’ Chief Housekeeper and our current Celebrity of the Moment! We recently sat down with Srdjan, who has been with Celebrity Cruises for nine years, to talk about his favorite destinations and things to do on board the ships.

Q: How many ships have you sailed on? Do you have a favorite?

A: I have sailed on Century, Summit, Millennium and Equinox. I know it sounds cliché but I have learned, grown and had great experiences on all of them.

Q: What destination has been the most pleasant surprise for you? Why?

A: One of my greatest surprises was Scandinavia. I expected snow as far as the eye could see. Instead, I got beautiful towns, rolling hills and amazing nature with waterfalls, rivers and forests.

Q: How do you relax during your time off while onboard the ships?

A: Onboard we have a great gym for guests and crew. When possible, I do my best to keep fit by either going to the gym or swimming, if the beach is close by.

Q: What has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned while working onboard Celebrity Cruises ships?

A: I’ve learned that hard work, passion and dedication to the job, as well as having Celebrity flair and style, will pay off and allow you to achieve your goals – both personal and professional.

Q: What do you notice guests don’t take enough advantage of?

A: With over 70 nationalities onboard, every one of our crewmembers have an amazing story and culture to share with our guests. We encourage our guests and crew to learn from each other. By the time your cruise is over, not only have you had a memorable experience, but you have also learned something about a different culture that you would have never known.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity of the Moment: Srdjan Cetkovic, Chief Housekeeper

  1. bryanschmiedeler

    Mr. Cetkovic,

    I can’t agree more with you last answer. We always enjoy talking to the crew members to hear their stories about how they came to work on Celebrity, where they come from, their families and so on. So many crew members have such interesting stories.


  2. Ben Binner

    I’m anxious to learn about other cultures on our Transatlantic in April on the Eclipse. After over than 30 cruises, I look forward to conversing with the ships crew.

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