Celebrity’s Global Insiders On: The Caribbean

Caribbean BeachCelebrity has teamed up with one of the world’s most influential travel brands, Travel + Leisure, to create a group of savvy travel and lifestyle experts who offer insights on everything from the destinations that Celebrity visits, to the modern luxury vacation experiences they provide. This group—known as Celebrity’s Global Insiders—share their favorite finds around the globe so that you can travel like a pro, crafting unique and memorable experiences in key destinations on all seven continents. 

With no two Caribbean islands being alike, travel to this tropical region can bring you a variety of fun adventures—the Cayman Islands are a scuba diver’s paradise, St. Kitts boasts lush rainforests and sprawling sugarcane fields, and Puerto Rico has endless Spanish mansions to tour. Each country also has its distinct shopping ports as well as its own signature meal. The latter is often referred to as each island’s national dish,and is based on its island’s history. With this region being colonized by various countries in years gone by, oftentimes these dishes feature a unique mixture of Indian, African, British, Spanish, and Chinese flavors.

Even Celebrity’s Global Insiders can’t agree on their favorite experiences when visiting the region. Here is a sampling of how they recommend spending your time when traveling in the Caribbean.

MARC MURPHY CroppedMarc Murphy (Executive Chef and owner of Benchmarc Restaurants)

Cuz’s, in Bridgetown, Barbados, is the quintessential beach shack. It’s perfect for lunch during a day on the beach. Get the fish cutter sandwich, fried fish with or without cheese and up the ante with a perfect fried egg; You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for authentic, local food in a laid-back setting, then Caribbean Blend restaurant in St. Maarten is going to be the perfect spot.  Here, the grill master prepares everything from the center of the open air dining room and the smells from the barbecue are sure to get your juices going. Go traditional and order the jerk chicken or the ribs seasoned with a mix of Caribbean and Cajun Creole, both are spicy and absolutely delicious.

Kimberly WilsonKimberly Wilson Wetty (Luxury travel expert)

Stingray City in Grand Cayman is a magical experience.  Located on a sandbar in the North Sound and as you enter waist-deep water, the stingrays begin to appear. See them glide underwater to snatch the squid from your hand with their beaklike mouths. Awesome!

Also, when in St. Thomasvisit Magens Bay Beach, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  If you don’t want to just swim and sunbath, you can hike the nature trail, kayak, or rent a sailboat.  Lively bar and restaurant onsite.

ScoobiDoo is my all-time favorite catamaran company available in St. Maarten/Anguilla.  Be sure to sail to Prickly Pear for a day of R&R, snorkeling, and some rum punch as you sail the turquoise and sea foam Caribbean waters.

141 thoughts on “Celebrity’s Global Insiders On: The Caribbean

  1. Carolyn

    Try St. Kitt’s. Never heard of it? It is the real Carribean. Just relax. It is British so the driving is different, but friendly taxis.

  2. Henry

    Visited St Croix several times with my daughter and her friends, ages 23-26. We all enjoyed ourselves especially her friends. The island is clean, people friendly, not overpriced and no signs of poverty and beggers to spoil one’s trip. Big up St. Croix!

    1. greg

      I don’t know how long you stayed, but we there 6 months. My wife was a traveling nurse and St. Croix was far from perfect. Drugs and crime were everywhere. The police weren’t
      very helpful, as they were related to the island bad guys! A Canadian couple were involved in an auto accident and were dragged from the car by the locals and beaten! The older generation was delightful and their social graces were alive and well. However, the younger generation was violent. Attempts were made on the lives of federal officials sent down there to investigate the legal system, especially the prison. One prison supervisor, who was cooperating, was murders in his front yard. St. Croix, not for us, but we’d like to try St. Lucia. Good luck in St. Croix. Greg…………

  3. I would like to know if anyone ever been “Commonwealth of Dominica”, a small island of about 80,000. I am planning to visit later this year. Any information???

    1. Bob

      If you want a Carribean beach experience, din’t go there. The island is more focused on eco-tourism. There are rain forests and such to see. But when I go to the Carbbean I want to go to the beach. Dominica only has a couple of beaches and non of them are very good. I went once, but don’t plan to ever go back.

      1. Philip

        Does a beach have to be white to be nice or beautiful? I think that the black sand beaches of Dominica are quit beautiful with Chrystal clear water. If you visit an island for a beach, I think that you are wasting your money, go to Fort Lauderdale or Miami beach.

    2. Chuck

      I was there 10 years ago, the island is rugged, fabulous views, tropical foliage, great people, they said I could stay as long as I wanted with no immigration hassles. I have been to most of the islands and this is one of my favorites.

    3. B. Ladd

      visited 20 years ago – our ship docked; sreets were littered with produce; did not clean up after morning market – folks not so friendly – trip to rainforest was good however. Would not return

    4. kelly

      i was there a couple of years back. It’s not a great place as far as safety. That being said research tourist company’s online We set up a tour cheap. Saw great views. Waterfalls etc. they provided drinks We dictated what we wanted to see and how long. Haggle with them

    5. HughJorgan69

      My wife and i went to Dominica last year. Very undeveloped and almost no other tourists. We stayed in Calabishie and found a beautiful beach (completely empty ALL day, 1/4 mile long, fringed with palm trees, and has a small river that runs out to the Caribbean next to the cliff wall), but it was a little difficult to get to. If you like vacationing off the beaten path, Dominica is the best

    6. traveltru

      was there 2 years ago. Very nice Island. Stayed in Roseau at the old fort hotel. Lots of things to do. Zipline was fun, went to see the Trafalger falls and went into the Hot springs of a place called the Joint. Water temps very througout the park. Food was Ok nothing to write home about but had a great time. Water is clear and clean

    7. am

      Went there on a cruise a few years back for the day. Didnt look like a tourist area but went on wacky rollers through the island and had a blast

    8. Yes, I went there in 2005. Fly out of San Juan, PR. Arrive at Melville Hall. Try to get shuttle from Hotel to pick you up (I recommend Fort Young Hotel in Roseau). Mountainous, verdant island. Things to do: visit botanical gardens in Roseau, hike up to boiling lake (very strenuous), snorkel and scuba, go whale watching, south-west corner of island there is an area of off-shore sea bed where carbon dioxide filters up and makes the water bubbly. There is a dearth of beaches. Dominica is more of a hiking paradise: flora and fauna. Kabuli beer is good, as is the islands locally produced hot-sauce. Shillingford Estates produces Elixer of Bois Bande: a type of rum infused with the resin of a local hard-wood. It supposedly has invigorating properties “wink wink.” Not much shopping on Island: it is a “back to nature” type of place. Sitting on the balcony of my hotel room, I was visited by Antillian Crested hummingbirds every minute or so. Locals are friendly enough. North-west corner of Island has the last population of Carib Indians. Jean Rhys, who wrote “Wide Sargasso Sea” lived in Roseau. Dominica is noted for being one of the places on the planet with longest lifespan population. I was walking up a mountain trail and briefly chatted with a man poking about in the dirt with a stick; he was digging up lunch. People eat a lot of “ground provisions” (root vegetables). Reggae singer “Nazio Fontaine” is from Dominica. Everyone speaks English and many speak “Kweyol,” a local patois. After Christopher Columbus visited, then went back to Spain, and was asked by the king to describe the island, he crumpled up a sheet of paper and threw it on the table. Island is 15 miles by 30 miles with 5,000 foot peaks jutting out of the sea. People are conservative church-goers. Many beautiful streams and water falls. Relatively safe, but I wouldn’t go into roughest areas at night (same as anywhere in the world).

    9. Barry

      I was there one day on a cruise ship port of call. Very nice rented a taxi for the day about $100 went snorkeling in what they call champagne (small bubbles come out of the sea bed) you must bring your own equipment. The locals say you will never go hungry because so many fruits grow on the island, bananas is one of the commercial crops that they grow. I also went to a waterfall that you had to climb over boulders to get to the base of (the water was warmed by hot springs). No large hotels and more natural than other developed Caribbean islands. They say the locals live a long time many to 100. Have a great time!

    10. Fabulous unspoiled island with great scuba diving. Not much in the way of beaches–the coast is rocky. Great place to hike, though, with dense vegetation and waterfalls.

    11. mark

      Enchanting! The hike to the boiling lake is amazing and can be a challenge, depending on the route (get a guide). The rain forests are amazing with all kinds of treats, such as birds of paradise (everywhere) and parrots. Aqueducts that channel hot and cold water from the mountains. Trafalgar Falls and the Emerald pool. Last time I was there was in 1974, so I am sure it has changed…most likely for the good. It was a very subsistence way of living then. I spent two weeks on a plateau over looking Scott Head….amazing.

    12. Ken G

      My wife and I did a 10 day sailing (celebrated our 35th anniversary) and one of the ports of call was Dominica. I can sum it up for you in a word – SPECTACULAR! We booked an excursion on a catamaran to snorkel fantastic Champagne reef, just before we left the dock for our afternoon adventure a young resident asked us to remember his name and to see him when we got back. We did, and he offered to show us some above ground scenery. We talked to some of our shipmates and went in together on paying a very nominal fee to have him take us to some of Dominica’s famed geothermal sites and to beautiful Trafalgar falls. Wow what a day, along with the natural beauty of the island, it was a pleasure to meet the people of the island who are so proud and protective of what they have so that it will remain – SPECTACULAR!!

  4. took my wife to Tortola,in the BVI’s after I came home from a tour in Iraq, stayed at Sebastian’s on the Beach.. one of the best weeks we’ve had.

  5. St John, USVI, is the best !!! Have stayed on 14 Caribbean islands and have found this island to be the best !! Beaches, Nat’l parks, restaurants and snorkeling are fantastic. The citizens speak English of course and the currency is the American dollar. Easy to love .

  6. Nancy

    Anguilla is my favorite, hands down! Not one bad experience there ,unless you want to count the woman on the beach who took 3 hrs to cornrow my hair and charged me $200…LOL….my girls loved it when I got home!! They have the most awesome beaches and restaurants….water is breathtaking!!!!!!
    I’ve been all over the Caribbean ,and Nevis, St. John , St. Kitts and Jamaica are also amazing!

  7. IMO people who consider impoverished natives of their 3rd World travel destinations to be an aggrivation should have their Passpirt revoked. If “poverty” & “beggars” spoil your day, then stay home in your walled Burbs and Country Clubs.

    1. Sam Barfield

      Some years ago I kept my sailboat there in the summers. After I sold the boat we went back in the winter to hang out. One day found out they arrested a rasta with a sawdoff shotgun in his kit right near where we staying. That was it never went back.

  8. dave sajovic

    The British virgin islands are great since it is made up of a group of islands. Also the population is much smaller than the american virgins. Tortola is the main island and road town is the capital. Great place to eat at some of the local places up in the hills. Since they are made up of about a dozen island you can go to others in the group. The one that is the most interesting is Virgin Gordo. Incredible rock formation called the Baths. Lots of places to eat. Great scuba diving throughout all the islands.

  9. Angelo

    Puerto Rico by far is the better island to visit, the people are great and their rich culture is an experience. And no passport required.

  10. Andy

    My favorite is still St. John in the U.S. VI. Jost Van Dyke in the BVI is a really fun spot too and easy to get to from St. John.

  11. We hear so much about the independent, American and British English speaking Carribbean, but never hear about the French West Idies…St. Barths (ok sometimes this is mentioned) Martinique, and Guadeloupe…these places to me seem to be a bit more exotic…heading to Guadeloupe in a few weeks,…any tips?


  12. I don’t want to tell you guys the best island since you didn’t mention it and I want to keep it all for myself. I have no desire to turn this paradise into a sprawling hub of hotels, fancy restaurants and loud tourists.

  13. Art Harmon

    It’s hard to find a combination of both good beaches (for my wife) , good scuba diving (for me) and good values. If this is what you are looking for I have had great experiences in the Caymans, both Grand Cayman and Cayman-Brac. Grand Cayman is pricy however but very modern and British. Seven Mile beach is beautiful or if you prefer you can go to the other end of the island for a more secluded experience. The diving is world class. Ocean Frontiers on the East End is probably the best dive service in the Caribbean.
    For value you can’t beat Cozumel. The all-inclusives there make it very convenient to eat without having to go out all the time and the overall cost is about half of G.C. We found Occidental Grand to be modern, clean and a little more upscale. Definitely worth the extra. The diving is spectacular and easy as there is a current and you can drift dive, so you see a lot more underwater scenery! Great snorkeling too.
    Curacao is a little more pricey than Cozumel but lot of fun. It has some all inclusives. It’s a good island to rent a car and see. It has a shopping / walk around historical area. Everyone should go see Kura Hulanda the slave market where most all slaves passed through . It is in perfect restoration and you can walk through and get a true appreciation for the terror people were put through as families were split up and auctioned off to various destinations. Curacao has great beaches. The diving was just OK but in all fairness we were having so much fun, I didn’t get to dive as much. Another island chain that looks good for both beaches and diving are Turks and Caicos. That’s next on my wish list. I would like to see other reports from people with the same beach and diving criteria.

  14. If your looking for layed back good food and great diving/fishing good bars and 007 thunderball filming location try staniel cay bahamas wow my favorite place been there 4 times each time i met a celebrity Johnny depp john cusac lance armstrong who i got to take fishing and uma therman island also has there own airline called watermaker which departs from fort lauderdale florida highly recomend going very small all the locals very friendly and one of the best bar tenders around named major at happy people marina & bar if your feeling adventuresome try diving the cave where they filmed 007 thunderball very amazing and does not require scubba gear just snorkel mask and fins at high tide you have to hold your breath to get through the entrance of the cathedral type cave at low tide the entrance is visible and you can swim right in last thing is the best french toast ever they use bahama bread outstanding enjoy

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