Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t Miss Celebrity’s Family Tour Challenge in Bermuda

Bermuda ShoreIf there’s such a thing as an island having a signature color, that island is Bermuda and that color is pink. Ringed by its famous rose-hued sands and speckled with charming pastel homes, Bermuda has a special personality all its own. It might be with the allure of adventure aboard a glass-bottom boat or with the thrill of snorkeling amongst centuries-old shipwrecks, but one way or another, Bermuda will cast her spell on you, as she has done with all who visit her shores.

And if you’re seeking to discover all the treasures this spectacular island nation has to offer, how better to do so than with Celebrity’s Shore Excursions? We have an array of incredible tours that can fit anyone’s particular interests – especially families. This beautiful island has dozens of activities that everyone can enjoy, but when it comes to Bermuda, we have a unique excursion that’s sure to excite all family members.

If you’re in the mood to unleash your inner adventurer in Bermuda, then you won’t want to miss our Family Tour Challenge: Bermuda Gold Cup – Learn to Sail & Mini Regatta excursion. Sailing is imbedded in Bermuda’s culture and this is a fantastic way to experience one of the nation’s most traditional past times firsthand.

Our Family Tour Challenges offer a new way to experience our exotic destinations with. Designed exclusively for families and groups, these tours are not only packed with excitement and friendly competition, they also provide an educational and enriching experience the entire family will remember for a lifetime.

With our Regatta Family Tour Challenge, you and your loved ones will enjoy the rare opportunity to participate in the Bermuda Gold Cup. After an expert instructor teaches you the basics of sailing, you’ll set off aboard a J/24, the world’s most popular race-designed keelboat, for the adventure of a lifetime. Put your newly acquired nautical skills to the test as you compete with other participating families in a mini sailing race. And best of all, not only will you feel the thrill of taking part in the Bermuda Gold Cup, but you’ll also vie for prizes and bragging rights, with the winning team earning a medal and certificate.

So if you’re checking out Bermuda with your family any time soon, our Family Tour Challenge: Bermuda Gold Cup – Learn to Sail & Mini Regatta is the perfect opportunity to not only enjoy the natural beauty of the island, but also affords families with some quality time to bond and learn a new activity as well.

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