Top Five Alaska Shore Excursions

Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier by HelicopterAlaska is absolutely extraordinary. At first, words will fail you. The sheer size and unrelenting visual spectacle of Alaska tend to have that effect on people. Alaska exudes a kind of freedom that few can fathom, but all desire. From the depth of its glistening harbors and mystic fjords to the heights of its massive blue-hued glaciers and snow-studded mountains, the unbridled spirit of “The Last Frontier” beckons you to explore its endless marvels.

Naturally, when it comes to exploring this spectacular region, we here at Celebrity Shore Excursions believe that ‘ordinary’ should be far from what you expect when you visit Alaska. With this philosophy in mind, we ensure that whether by sea, dog sled, railway, or helicopter, our Shore Excursions don’t just show you Alaska, they place you there – on its glaciers, in its snow fields, upon its meadows, and above its peaks – so you can soak in and remember every inch of its natural wonder.

But with so much to explore and so many destination experiences to choose from, it can be difficult to decide how best to spend your time. Here are our picks for Celebrity’s top five Shore Excursions in Alaska:

  1. A Celebrity Exclusive: The Ketchikan Way – If you’re looking for a truly extraordinary destination experience, this is it. This Celebrity ExclusivesSM tour takes you on a unique, intimate, and immersive journey to Ketchikan’s Misty Fjords National Monument, so you can experience the majesty of this natural marvel first-hand. A private luxury vehicle will transport you from the ship to a private de Havilland Beaver floatplane for a magnificent aerial tour over Alaska’s unspoiled wilderness. Soar over sapphire glaciers, verdant spruce forests, and breathtaking river valleys before enjoying a picnic amid spectacular landscapes.
  2. Family Tour Challenge: The Big Nugget – How would you like to follow in the footsteps of Alaska’s pioneers? With The Big Nugget Family Tour Challenge at the Klondike Gold Fields in Skagway, you’ll not only discover Alaska’s gold rush history, you’ll become a part of it. Exciting and educational, this family-friendly Shore Excursion offers you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to master the art of gold panning, experience temperatures below 40 degrees, learn expert mushing tactics, and tour an authentic gold dredge – all while vying for prizes and bragging rights.
  3. Family Tour Challenge: Island Rainforest Geocaching Adventure – This is another incredible Shore Excursion that provides a fun and educational experience for the whole family. The Island Rainforest Geocaching Adventure is a high-tech treasure hunt across the Tongass National Rainforest in Chicagof Island. Equipped with a Global Positioning Device (GPS), you’ll race against other families in search of clues hidden around the island. Not only will you get to explore the natural beauty of Alaska, you’ll also compete with other families for prizes.
  4. Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier by Helicopter – When in Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier is a must-see. This blue-ice glacier is one of nature’s most spectacular marvels, and our Shore Excursion not only introduces you to this stunning wonder, it places you right on the ice. After a scenic helicopter ride over lush rainforests and snow-capped mountain peaks, you’ll land at a historic dogsled camp on the glacier where a team of expert Alaskan Huskies will mush you across the 12-mile ice field. How’s that for an Alaskan adventure?
  5. A White Pass Scenic Railway – For an unforgettable sightseeing journey through Skagway’s most picturesque landscapes and historic landmarks, hop aboard the “Scenic Railway of the World.” Your destination? The summit of the magnificent 2,865-foot-tall White Pass mountain. Along the way, you’ll relish views of the wilderness Alaska is famous for and the original Klondike Gold Rush Trail.

4 thoughts on “Top Five Alaska Shore Excursions

  1. Joel Weiss

    We’ve had 3 tour/cruises in AK. HAL, Princess & Celebrity each had some unique exciting experiences. Shooting wild rapids, seeing Native families, meeting Iditirod racers & the dogs, Denali w/most wildlife seen, Native totems, dancers (joined them), great foods & service locally & especially on board, all created amazing memories for us. We did not do hiking, although I would have loved to do it, because we are both handicapped. Historic tours w/folk who knew the background tales enhanced each visit. Even when the Millenium had electrical problems, we had a wonderful time on board because of the excellence of the crew that took wonderful care of all the passengers. We did make it back to Vancouver & caught our flight home right on time. Each company provided excellent service & really cared for everyone. We may do it once again if our health & lives allow us to to do it. GO TO ALASKA! The state is wonderful.

    Your Catalyst is excellent and great fun to read and discover new things while being reminded of the amazing things we have done! Keep it up! Thank you!

  2. Candice

    how can you leave out whale watching? My favorite tour operator is in Juneau. They have fully enclosed boats where you can see everything and stay warm. The top deck is open for the photographers to brave the cold winds.

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