Top Five Bermuda Beaches

Power Snorkel BeachWhen heading to Bermuda, think pink. The subtropical island is famous for its turquoise water and pink-sand beaches, the end result of shells and coral calcium carbonate being crushed together. With over 75 miles of coastline, Bermuda is surrounded by beautiful beaches, making it difficult to decide where one should spend the day soaking in the sun. Here are our picks for the top five beaches to visit when in Bermuda.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is perhaps the most famous of Bermuda’s beaches, and for good reason. Located in Southampton, this curved stretch of sand features crystal-clear warm waters (with tropical fish), climbable rock formations, clean amenities and a great snack shack. An on-duty lifeguard (from May to September) makes this ideal for families. Celebrity guests can skip the crowded public buses by booking a shore excursion to the world-famous beach. As guest patbobkels raves, “The pink sand is REALLY pink and there are plenty of rocks and small caverns to explore. Bring sneakers if you are adventurous and like to climb on the rocks. The beauty of Horseshoe Bay will leave you speechless…don’t forget your camera.”

Warwick Long Bay is just a short walk away from Horseshoe Bay, its more famous neighbor, but it features equally beautiful sands and clear waters. It also has the added bonus of being less crowded, for those that are looking for a peaceful and quiet soak in the sun, and being a popular spot for parrot fish and other marine life to come in close to shore here, making it a top spot for snorkelers.

Jobson’s Cove is as close as you can get to a picture-perfect beach in Bermuda. Surrounded by cliffs and rock formations, this secluded beach is largely separated from the sea—resulting in only gentle waves and calm, shallow waters (to better spot the marine life without a snorkel).

Tobacco Bay Beach is the most popular beach in the village of St. George’s, and is known for being small and beautiful, as well as for its stunning limestone rock formations off the shoreline. Unlike most most beaches in Bermuda, Tobacco Bay has concessions stands and restaurant with a liquor license, for those that wind to wind down their days with a margarita.

Elbow Beach is divided into a public and private section, with the latter only accessible to guests of nearby private resorts. The former, however, rivals Horseshoe Bay in popularity, given how family friendly and safe the area is for guests. Surrounded by protective coral reefs, the waters here are extremely calm and soothing. Elbow is also the closest beach to the city of Hamilton, the financial and cultural hub of the island.

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