New Port Spotlight: Isafjordur, Iceland


As Celebrity Cruises opens deployment for 2016-2017, we’ve added new ports to our already robust roster of destinations. Every week, we will preview one of these exciting new cities and provide you with the best things to do and see. This week, we look to Isafjordur, Iceland, which makes its debut on our 2016 Europe itineraries.

With only 323,002 total residents, Iceland is Europe’s most sparsely populated country—but also one of its most beautiful. Covered with glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, lava fields, geysers and mountains, the country boasts a pristine and dramatic view of nature at its grandest. Iceland has also captured the world’s imagination of late, given its background appearance in the popular HBO drama Game of Thrones, in which the country stands in for the mysterious land “beyond the wall,” and its role in last year’s comedy-drama, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller.

While most travelers are initially drawn to the capital, Reykjavik, Isafjordur, the capital of the Westfjords peninsula and new Celebrity Cruises port city, is a must-see. Situated on an “L”-shaped sandspit called Eyri, the city provides ready access to the nature reserves, on neighboring Hornstrandir peninsula, where eagle-eyed hikers can spot Arctic foxes, seals, and many indigenous varieties of birds. Isafjordur’s main in-city attraction is the Westfjords Heritage Museum, which focuses on Isafjordur’s fishing town heritage.

For more on Isafjordur, our partners at Travel + Leisure gave us some insider tips to share exclusively with you.

TandLTravel + Leisure “Must See” Tip:

Spend the day with Borea Adventures on an Arctic sea-kayaking voyage, where you’ll revel in the solitude of weaving in and out of the snowmelt-striped fjords. Stop at an inlet to watch the seals playing on the coast, or just embrace the infinite silence and sparkling shores of this natural paradise.


TandLTravel + Leisure Culinary Tip:

If you’re seeking a light lunch, look no further than the centrally located Bræðraborg (Aoalstaeti 22b Isafjordur), which is also referred to as the Borea Café, since the owner runs his Borea tours out of here. House-made cakes, organic salads, pizzas, and strong coffee fill the menu. For more traditional fare, head to the Tjöruhúsið—“The Tar House” —where waiters serve up whatever the trawlers pulled in from the fjords that day. The cod cheek is a favorite.

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  1. Enid

    We have already booked a cruise but there is no way I can find the shore excursions to decide what i would like to do when we are there . it’s only 6 weeks away!!

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