Oprah Reveals Her Favorite Things for 2014—Traveler’s Edition

Gold BeatsIt’s that time of year again when Oprah Winfrey unveils her favorite things of the year for you to buy (or hopefully receive) during the holiday season. The life and style mogul says she “tasted, tested, sniffed, snuggled, brewed, steeped, read, shared and dared” through a bounty of products to narrow her list down to 72 of her—now infamous—favorite things for a 2014 pivotal moment on the calendar of her legion of loyal fans who want to live life like Oprah.

There are, of course, the pre-requisite Oprah-brand items and nods to her sponsors making their debut on the list, including the television personality’s newly released book, What I Know For Sure, her Teavana Chai Tea set, her meditation DVDs (produced in collaboration with with Deepak Chopra), and the tasty film she co-produced this year, The Hundred-Foot Journey. However, what we loved most is that many of the internationally-sourced products on Oprah’s list originate in cities our ships sail to, while others are perfect for our modern luxury cruisers.

Living the life à la Ms. O can come with a hefty price-tag, and although readers get a discount at checkout, with promo code (you guessed it) OPRAH, some things just seem absurdly decadent, and we can’t even imagine the self-admittedly frugal, and ever practical, Winfrey shelling out $700 for gold headphones. That said, being that Beats by Dre are a sponsor of her The Life You Want tour, she probably didn’t have to…

Before you globe trot to get her goods, you need to travel in style. Here are some luxurious items you can take on your cruise, as suggested by the Grand Dame herself…


Golden Beats By Dr. Dre – “These Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless headphones and the matching Beats Pill (a.k.a. speaker) in glossy gold make me want to get my dance on. And we’re the first magazine to have them! Both items are Bluetooth enabled and shockingly lightweight—and will sound as good as they look for years to come.” — Oprah ($700, NeimanMarcus.com)

Big O Key Rings – “I would like this O Key Ring and Ossential card cases even if they were called something else. The ring slips over your wrist and connects to a scratch-resistant leather case that holds your credit cards and money. Perfect for running errands without lugging around a big bag.” — Oprah ($55-$75 O-Venture.com)

Ginger Beauty and Wellness Collection – “When it comes to gifts, three is the perfect number—generous without being overwhelming. Which is why I love this set, featuring pink Fijian ginger three luxurious ways: as a powdered tea, a body scrub and a bath soak.” —Oprah ($265, now 10% off with code OPRAH, WakayaPerfection.com)

Sheepy Fleece Robe – “You all know I love a good robe, and this supersoft, super-affordable, super-cuddly one is great for opening presents on Christmas morning. It comes in 17 colors, including the brights shown here.” —Oprah ($84 each, now 20% off with code OPRAH, PineConeHill.com)

Classic Plain Travel Collection – “This handmade Italian leather wallet lined in silk and suede is a sanity saver. It’s got a separate passport cover, compartments for foreign currency, and two leather luggage tags—all in a vividly colored 5½-by-9-inch package, so it’ll never get lost in your purse.” — Oprah ($289, now 20% off with code OPRAH, AspinalOfLondon.com)

Morelle & Co. Pullout Jewelry Box – “It’s easy to compartmentalize with this elegant yet roomy leather jewelry box that features three drawers, two pull-out chambers for necklaces and earrings, a ring organizer and a travel case. Throw in a mirror and sumptuous suede lining and this may be the only bauble box you or your giftee will ever need.” —Oprah ($135, OneKingsLane.com)

Swiss Army Luggage Set  – “When girls from my school go to college, I give them this light, durable luggage. The smooth wheels and roomy interiors make the bags perfect travel companions.”— Oprah ($350-$440, SwissArmy.com)

NX Mini Camera – “This sleek, pocket-size camera is not only extra slim, but it also features a flip-up LCD screen that makes taking the perfect selfie easier than ever. Bonus for social-media junkies: You can send pics to a phone or a tablet (not to mention Flickr and Dropbox).” — Oprah ($450, Samsung.com)

GoPro Hero – “This camera may be tiny (it fits in the palm of your hand) and light (less than four ounces), but it can withstand water, sand, snow and dirt and be mounted practically anywhere for POV action shots and high-quality videos.”— Oprah ($130, Target.com)

Now, you’re all set to travel the world in true modern luxury. So, with that said… Let’s go!


Waterproof Suede Slippers – “It’s no secret that I’m crazy about how cushiony Uggs feel on my feet. I’m really into this latest design, which has a cozy wool cuff you can wear up or down. With a waterproof suede exterior and molded rubber outsole, it’ll get you through winter, indoors and out.”— Oprah ($120 per pair, UggAustralia.com)

Europe & The Nordic Countries
European Salami – “Consider it the United Nations of cured meat. Antibiotic-free pork from the Pacific Northwest is handcrafted into mouth-watering salami in four European varieties: orange-zested loukanika (Greek), sweet and smoky chorizo Rioja (Spanish), spicy salami Nola (Italian) and garlicky saucisson sec (French).” —Oprah ($60, OlympicProvisions.com)

Smoked Salmon – “Even Gayle, who isn’t a big fan of smoked salmon, loved these hand-cut slices from Norway, Scotland and the Faroe Islands. This silky sampler has two 8-ounce packages each of Norwegian, Scottish, gravlax and my favorite, pastrami.” —Oprah (Sampler Gift Box originally $195, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH, TheSmokehouseNY.com)

Baking Dishes – “I love anything by Le Creuset, and this enameled cast-iron French oven and the stoneware dishes (in my favorite shade of green) are no exception.”‘ ‘— Oprah ($60 – $280, macys.com)

Truffle Oil Holiday Set – “Since I crossed ‘truffle hunting in Italy’ off my bucket list, I’ve been loving these rosemary, lemon and basil oils from Sabatino Tartufi, which hosted my excursion. All are infused with that earthy yet delicate flavor I adore.” —Oprah (Originally $59, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH, SabatinoTruffles.com)

Mexico & South America

Copper Tray & Mug Set – “Not like I need an excuse to enjoy a Moscow mule, but this tray and six-mug set, handmade in Mexico with hammered recycled copper, makes cocktail hour extra special.” — Oprah ($365, sertodo.com)

Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila – “I truly appreciate people who are excellent at what they do, and the folks who handcraft this incredibly smooth tequila are masters. Forget the lime, skip the ice, and just savor it like fine wine.”—Oprah ($275.00, WallyWine.com)

Holiday Statement Chocolate Box – “I can’t think of a better way to get my dark chocolate fix than these Venezuelan squares, hand-poured and painted to convey the sentiments of the season. The perfect one-bite treat.” — Oprah (Originally $70, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH, MaggieLouiseConfections.com)

United States

Mini Filled Bagel Balls – “I love these mini bagel bites filled with different cream cheeses from a little shop in New York City’s West Village. The best combo? A pretzel bagel filled with mustard and sharp Cheddar cream cheese.” — Oprah (Originally $36 for 36 bagels in six flavors, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH, bantambagels.com)

Holiday Cakes – “L.A. bakery Sweet Lady Jane has created five-inch round cakes that are as delicious as they are artful. The small size means you can try a few, including the most popular flavor, Triple Berry (right).” — Oprah (Mocha, Triple Berry and Princess Cakes originally $30 each, now 10 percent off with code OPRAH, Sweetladyjane.com)

Petite Quiches – “Sweet tarts may get all the glory, but these savory pastries (flaky crust and a custard base filled with zucchini, asparagus, artichoke, tomato or onion) are just as delectable. Who knew eating your vegetables could be so indulgent?” —Oprah ($42, TatteBakery.com)



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