Celebrity’s Global Insiders On: Copenhagen


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Copenhagen, Denmark’s most populated city, became the country’s capital at the turn of the 17th century, transforming itself from a humble fishing village into an important regional center. Since then, each century has left its cultural mark on the important center of Northern Europe and, since the turn of the millennium, a lot of money has been invested in the city’s urban and cultural development.

Today, Copenhagen is best know for its sleek design aesthetic and creative New Nordic cuisine. Whether strolling through blooming flowers in Tivoli Gardens, witnessing the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace, enjoying dinner at pioneering new restaurant, Noma, or touring Kronborg Castle—the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet— it’s easy to see why To help narrow down your options, here’s how our Celebrity Cruises’ Global Insiders recommend spending your time when docked in Copenhagen, Denmark.

MARC MURPHY CroppedMarc Murphy (Executive Chef and owner of Benchmarc Restaurants)
For a traditional local Danish lunch spot, try Slotskælderen hos Gitte Kik, and grab a smørrebrød, the classic open-faced sandwich piled high with smoked eel, cheese and pickled herring. After lunch, spend the day between the Tivoli Gardens and the National Museum. For dinner eat at Manfreds & Vin, known for its excellent take on New Nordic cuisine; the menu is tapas-based, giving you chance to try it all!

Alicia Ng CroppedAlisa Ng (Founder of ShopLatitude.com)
We don’t usually direct people to go to department stores, but Copenhagen’s Magasin Du Nord is a must. This multi-level shopping emporium is the largest in Scandinavia and it houses everything—from great home design to high fashion—all under one roof. You can even buy groceries and have lunch at the in-store delicatessen.

Kate Betts CroppedKate Betts (Fashion journalist and award-winning magazine editor)
One of my favorite Danish design items is the collectible hand-blown glass Toikka bird that comes in all sizes and colors and makes a beautiful gift. The best place to buy them is at Copenhagen’s famous Illums Bolighus department store—a Danish institution and a must-see for any Scandinavian design aficionado. Take note: during the holiday season they sell wonderful decorations including the famous Scandinavian wood figurines.
Kimberly WilsonKimberly Wilson Wetty (Luxury travel expert)

The first brewery for Carlsberg is in Copenhagen.  Visit the museum, check out the beer bottle collection (over 22,300 bottles!) and be sure to sit in the courtyard and sample some beer (two free drinks included in the ticket price).

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