Places to Go: St. Kitts

St Kitts Scenic Railroad

St. Kitts is a haven for many A-list celebrities—Oprah Winfrey, Sylvestor Stallone, Britney Spears and Regis Philbin all love to vacation here—while the late Princess Diana often visited nearby “sister” island, Nevis, which is where she headed to—with Princes William and Harry in tow—when news of her divorce from Prince Charles broke. To visit the island, it is clear why it serves as an oasis to so many: white sands, turquoise waters, lush rainforests and sprawling sugarcane fields (you’ll soon realize why locals refer to St. Kitts as “Liamuiga” or “fertile island) offer the perfect backdrop for first-class rest and relaxation.

Many of our Caribbean itineraries now include a stop on St. Kitts, so we teamed up with our partners over at Travel + Leisure for the must-sees and –dos when visiting the island:

St. Kitts Scenic Railway

Built between 1912 and 1926, this railway was meant to transport sugarcane from the island’s plantations to the factory in the capital of Basseterre.  A three-hour tour now takes visitors on a 30-mile loop through tiny villages and pineapple fields and close to an ancient hilltop fortress. It’s a fantastic (and lazy) way to get oriented and see the interior of the island.

St. George’s Anglican Church

Fires and earthquakes have damaged the impressive stone church many times over: English soldiers burned it in 1706, a 1763 fire burned its Anglican successor, an 1842 earthquake followed, and another fire in 1867 destroyed the church yet again. Fortunately, parishioners throughout the years would not allow the structure to remain in ruins, and restoration work continues to this day.

Romney Manor

Acres of gardens are the draw of the property, once owned by the Earl of Romney and, since then, six other families, including Samuel Jefferson II. Highlights include a bell tower and an enormous 350-year-old Saman tree, as well as a workshop, called Caribelle Batik, where you can watch artisans hand-printing fabric using batik, an Indonesian wax-resist dying process.

Reggae Bar & Grill

Drop by Reggae Bar & Grill near the island’s southeastern tip, not only for the potent beverages and live music, but also for the atmosphere. Make use of the on-site water sports equipment, order the catch of the day (such as lobster grilled in its shell), or simply kick back in a lounge chair under a palm tree, piña colada in hand, as you gaze out across the Atlantic to Nevis.

To learn more about Celebrity cruises to St. Kitts (and off-shore excursions), sail over to the Celebrity website.

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