Celebrity of the Moment: Arta Kjato, Youth Program Manager

Arta Kjato

Arta Kjato knows a thing or two about kids. As the Youth Program Manager aboard the Celebrity Summit, Arta is responsible for planning activities and events to entertain our younger guests, including Celebrity Cruises’ excursions. When brainstorming the next great event and adventure, Arta says she finds inspiration in “life itself.”

“I find inspiration every day,” says Arta, who has been with Celebrity Cruises for several years. “I consider myself very lucky to have a job which I love and am truly blessed to have a healthy and happy family who love and support me.”

We recently caught up with Arta to talk about her job, her funniest moments and her favorite places to travel.

What activity do kids enjoy the most?

This definitely varies based on the ages of the kids. Older children always enjoy activities more when they are given the freedom to do things on their own, such as scavenger hunts or other challenges that require teamwork and “figuring out” correct solutions. The younger kids love a balance between “hands on” activities, like arts and crafts, and sports and family challenges.

What’s the funniest moment you can remember while working with Celebrity?

Since I work with kids, every day is a comedy in and of itself. One recent moment that stands out in particular was a “Pajama Jam Night.” Because I love connecting with the kids, I wore an overall monkey pajama set, with the tail and all! Of course, as I was waiting in the crew area in my PJs, I ran into the Chief Security Officer who said, “I really don’t want to know.” His reaction made me laugh a lot, especially now that I’ve been on board for six months, they’re used to seeing me all dressed up.

Later that same night, I went down to the Guest Relations Desk to finish an errand—still in my outfit—and came across a guest that was waiting for assistance. When she saw me, she yelled out towards the desk, “So now you are sending the giant mouse to help me out?!”

I enjoy making people laugh and love, especially when I can do it for our guests and my fellow crew members.

What do you do when you’re not working on a ship?

Most of the time I just want to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. I love to take them out and spoil them or travel together. I also enjoy cooking, remodeling the house and garden, driving and sleeping in late. Just some things that I miss while onboard.

What’s your favorite place to travel to?

Working for Celebrity has opened my eyes and heart to many new experiences and ways of seeing the world. I have been almost everywhere. For crew members like me, a normal contract means you can literally make a circle around the globe, come back to where you started, and then fly home.

A place that I would like to go back to is Sydney, Australia. The energy that flows through that city and the feeling that overtakes you the moment you step off the ship there is absolutely amazing. Everyone should visit Sydney at least once in their life. Did I mention that we dock right next to the Sydney Opera House?

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