The Importance of Taking a ‘Digital Detox’ on Vacation

Digital DetoxTechnology, or more specifically the internet, may be an essential tool for keeping in touch with everyone back home (and making them jealous with your travel snaps) but whatever happened to switching off, relaxing and escaping the daily grind?

The vast availability of Wi-Fi around the world has resulted in significantly more people logging on to check their emails, messages and social media outlets during their holidays rather than using the opportunity to get off the grid. It has even been reported that some vacationers spend up to 5 hours online rather than enjoy the sun and beach-side cocktails. We know how tempting it is to post your holiday snaps on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, leaving your friends and family green with envy but at what cost? The latest backlash to all of this “reachability” sees holidaying individuals putting themselves on a ‘digital detox’ opting to ditch their gadgets to achieve an Internet-free trip away. Interested in joining the new tech-free movement? Here’s how.

Instead of checking your Facebook…

…take a walk along the beach!

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We cruise to some beautiful destinations with even better beaches, so don’t waste your vacation time checking what everyone else is up to on Facebook. Instead, soak up the sun, sand and surf you’ll no doubt be missing when you’re back home next week. Your friends and family aren’t going anywhere… But you won’t ever get these special vacation moments again.

European jet setters will no doubt love Dubrovnik, in the South of Croatia, a fascinating city just off the Adriatic coast with many gorgeous beaches for you to enjoy. Sveti Jakov beach is popular amongst locals due to its uncrowded beaches and aqua waters that lap over its pebbled shores. It’s the perfect spot for sunbathing and an early morning stroll in the surf. If the sun gets too much, sip ice cold drinks at the nearby beach bar.

Alternatively, our Caribbean cruisers will enjoy the beaches of Cozumel in Mexico. Paradise Beach offers everything you could ever need, from sun loungers and parasols for those lazy afternoons, to kayaks and parasails, for when you seek a little adventure. The crystal clear sea, white sandy shores and swaying palm trees make for great views, too.

Instead of Tweeting what you’re up to…

…kick off your holiday with some amazing activities.

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Our destinations boast an extensive and exciting array of activities to suit all ages, interests and abilities. For example, food lovers on a European cruise will love our Bilbao and Tapas shore excursion. Explore the city’s old town and its magnificent architecture, including the captivating Catedral de Santiago, before making your way along the cobbled roads to Seven Streets, an area of Bilbao with many Tapas Bars, where you will sample glasses of robust Spanish wine accompanied by plates of tasty local delicacies.

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Meanwhile, if you’re sailing to warmer, tropical climes, snorkeling is a fun and interesting activity that doesn’t require any previous training. The waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands are a top spot to see living coral reefs and underwater sea life. In particular, Kealakekua Bay, home to the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, is a great place to go snorkeling, thanks to warm water and tropical fish.

Instead of emailing friends your latest photos…

…sit back and enjoy the views.

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The world is a wonderful place, and the only way to truly take it all in is to stand back and relish in its beauty. With views of an azure sea, white sandy beaches and lush, emerald forests that fill the landscape, Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most ideal spots to do this. A must-see is the Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, featuring rows and rows of green steps that lead you up to the highlands, for Balinese panoramic views.

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On the other hand, if you’re enjoying an Alaskan cruise, you are sure to love the immense backdrop to your vacation when you arrive in Ketchikan creek and falls. Take in the fresh, clean air while admiring the surrounding forests and mountains as you watch the freshwater salmon jump in and out of the river. (So much better than staring at your laptop’s screen, don’t you think?)

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Do you accept the ‘digital detox’ challenge? Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

(This post originally appeared on Celebrity Cruises’s UK Blog Celebrity Life.)

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