Explaining Sailing to Young, Wary Travelers

XBox Celebrity CruisesEarlier this month we received an e-mail from Loring Mandel. Mr. Mandel is proud member of our Captain’s Club – and just happens to be an Emmy-winning screenwriter and accomplished playwright.

Mandel has planned a family vacation to sail aboard Celebrity Constellation, but the 86-year-old self-proclaimed “older sailor” found that young members of his family were anxious for their journey in a very different way than he was. He took to writing as a way to ease their nerves and penned “The Magical Hotel.” This children’s book goes to explain a cruise ship as simply a hotel that laughs at time and confounds geography.

An eight-year-old family member was so moved by the pictures and story that Mandel was kind enough to share his work with our Captain’s Club Desk, in the hopes that his work could help inspire confidence in future young people before the travel the seas.

Find his words below, and additionally we took the liberty to further illustrate the book and create a free downloadable PDF. Feel free to print and share as you would like, and even if you don’t share with a child, we quite like Mr. Mandel’s whimsical view of sailing as adults.

Well, my dears, this is the story of a magical hotel.

It is the most exciting, mysterious place, because it laughs at time and confounds geography.

Just imagine. You enter the hotel and they give you a beautiful room and will bring you whatever you want.

And when you wake up, though you’re in the same room, you’re in another place in the world.

What could be more mysterious?

And when you wake up the next morning, you’re in even another place in the world, although the room you’re in hasn’t changed a bit.

When you’re hungry in this hotel, there are lots of restaurants to eat in. Like here… Or even here:

With wonderful desserts!

When you want to play, there are other kids to play with, and lots of games.

When you want to do crafts, there are places to do crafts, or to paint, or draw.

If you want to dance, you can dance!

Or if you want to cook, you can take a cooking lesson!

When you go out of your room in the morning, someone comes in to make your bed

and clean your room, while you visit the city you’re in that day. You can shop…

Or visit an amusement park…

Or see a show!

Right here in the hotel!

And still, each morning, you’re in a different place in the world

And at the end of your stay in this wonderful hotel, you’re back where you started from…

Home, and it, too, is the most exciting, mysterious place you can imagine.

The End

Download “The Magical Hotel”

3 thoughts on “Explaining Sailing to Young, Wary Travelers

  1. Lisa

    I just printed this out so I can share this with my daughter as we fly out from Los Angeles to Canada to board our Celebrity Cruise Ship. This is a wonderful and magical note.

  2. This is such Beautiful story this is probably how I would feel like a little lost child in a fantasy world running around wanting to see everything all in one day to excited to eat over whelmed with excitement my own little fantasy world this for me would be a dream come True

    1. Celebrity Cruises

      We loved or so much we illustarated it ourselves. Really special! So glad a loyal Captains Club member shared with us.

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