Istanbul Gets Its First Apple Store

IstanbuliPhone- and iPad-using vacationers in Istanbul no longer have to worry about losing their charging devices or earbuds. If they in fact misplace (or break) their gear, they can just pop into Apple’s first and newly-opened store in Turkey’s largest city.

Like many flagship Apple stores, the building’s exterior is just as aesthetically pleasing as the technology company’s sleek products. Situated within the Zorlu Center in Istanbul’s main plaza, the store is actually underground and connected to the main mall, but it is topped by a frameless glass box. The upper facade allows visitors to peer down into the store below, though according to Curbed, the structure has a a ceiling that, when viewed top-down, resembles the top of a MacBook, a “silvery field with the silhouette of an apple in the middle.” The two submerged levels were also built in an area “originally planned as a descending water feature” in the plaza’s center. Inside, visitors will find Apple’s patented rectangular tables filled with the latest Apple hardware.

The store marks the first completed project for Apple by the acclaimed UK-based design firm Foster + Partners, which has been hired to reimagine a number of projects for the tech giant. A second Apple store designed by Norman Foster’s firm is expected to debut in San Francisco’s Union Square district in 2016 (Apple currently has roughly 424 retail stores in 16 countries). In addition to the stores, Foster + Partners is also the design mastermind behind the new circular campus for Cupertino, Calif-based company. The coming building has been described as a “2.8-million-square-foot spaceship parked in a verdant man-made forest.”

For any Black Sea Celebrity Cruisers that want a multi-million dollar architectural experience in addition to their iLounge service, Istanbul’s Apple location sounds like the perfect land excursion — either at the start or end of your Eastern European journey or overnight cruise.

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