Atmospheric Performers Take Over Liquid Lounge

Atmospheric PerformerMultidisciplinary artist Liv Morrow wasn’t sure what to expect when she first started performing aboard Celebrity Cruises’ Reflection last month. The Kansas City native had done atmospheric shows—where performers create a special ambiance in a specific venue—before, but never at sea.

“It’s a new thing for me, but it’s also a brand new experience for the ships,” Morrow says. “It’s a different experience that I was eager to try out.”

Morrow performs as part of the four-person Atmospheric team who travel from ship to ship within Celebrity Cruises’ fleet. Morrow, 29, along with team captain Raymond Silos, 33, and South Florida-based female performers Diana Salazar and Jessica Jones, typically do one performance per sailing, and their presence aids in the transformation of the Solarium Spa into the “Liquid Lounge,” an after-hours nightclub, complete with enhanced lighting and live DJs.

As part of the evening’s entertainment, Morrow, Silos and the rest of the team perform a series of 15-minute segments, such as interacting with aerial apparatus, swimming in a mermaid suit or walking across a pool in a six-foot floating, clear bubble (think an oversized hamster ball, but with more elegance and less cedar chips). As the experience is interactive, guests can even swim with the mermaid or toss around the clear ball.

“It’s been a little bit of an experience, to see how the guests react,” says Morrow. “Luckily, everyone likes it.”

Morrow says she discovered the role by answering a casting call online, whereas Silos says joined the project after hearing about it from a friend, whose company Flying Arrow Productions is working with Celebrity.

Silos, who is originally from Hawaii, says he enjoys cruise work for a variety of reasons. “We remain independent contractors, and cruise contracts are shorter than normal contracts,” he says. “This lets me get a taste of ship life.” More importantly, cruise ships provide an intimate working experience, he says.

“People who see your show remember your face and will say hi to you as they see you around the ship,” he says. “It’s more personal.”

Celebrity has also been a great employer, according to Silos and Morrow. Both performers have strict dietary needs—the former is a vegetarian and the latter required a gluten-free diet—and the ship’s buffets and restaurants have been able to accommodate their requests.

“They take care of us,” says Morrow.

Check upcoming itineraries for Celebrity Reflection to see Liv and Raymond in action.

6 thoughts on “Atmospheric Performers Take Over Liquid Lounge

  1. Brad W

    As a total aside, cedar chips are poisonous for hampsters… Back on topic, it sounds interesting. Any chance of seeing this on Solstice during the 8 day May 8th 2014 cruise?

  2. Willow R.

    I’ve seen that tail before! (the one in the photo) It was made by Siren’s Calling. They are on Facebook!

  3. Beautiful mermaid and tail! Morticia Mermaid of Siren’s Calling did a great job! Glad to see the tail is being used by such a talented group of performers on such a grand and lovely ship!

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