Seven Vacation Stay-Fit Tips

Exercise BikesHow much you exercise on vacation depends a lot on how you work out when you’re not. So if you’re an avid gym goer, exercise whilst away is a no-brainer. On the other hand, if you’re more of the exercise-under-protest type, the last thing you’re going to be inclined to do during your vacation is hitting the treadmill.

That said, restoration and rejuvenation—of the body and mind—is the key consequence of a successful break. So rather than seeing fitness on one side of the equation and everything else you want to do on the other, reframe your vacation perception to regard your trip as an opportunity to top off your energy stores, for which staying active is critical.

“Finding true health and fitness is not about pushing yourself beyond your limits in the gym or beating yourself up emotionally because you have not,” says wellness expert Helena Collins, founder of Life in Synergy and author of Nutritional Alignment. “Real and lasting health happens when you learn to put yourself first and truly enjoy your body and your life.”

Here’s our Celebrity Guide to Staying Balanced, Active, and Guilt-Free while you’re traveling with us.

1. Look For Opportunities to Move

The key to reinvigoration is movement… And that’s not exclusive to the gym. “Instead of approaching your fitness plan as athletics, think about it as fully living and experiencing your life,” says Collins. “Take a walk in the morning and enjoy the scenery floating by. Find opportunities to move onboard and off. Before you know it you will have taken 10,000 steps, which is the key to lasting health, and thereby increased your metabolism throughout the day.”

2. Break Your Routine

If you’ve been going through the motions at your gym, vacation is the perfect time to try something totally new. “There are always fun classes being offered onboard, including dance-based ones like Zumba, where you can burn a ton of calories and have fun at the same time,” says Collins. “Plus you can then use your moves on the dance floor later that night and continue to burn those calories away!” Expand your fitness repertoire while you’re here and you can inspire some change to your regular routine when you get home.

3. Savor Your Meals

Let’s face it: food is integral to that sense of blissful indulgence which so many of us associate with being aboard a Celebrity ship. So, of course, the last thing you want to do is worry about what you should or shouldn’t eat whilst you sail with us. “Focus on your favorite must-haves and enjoy them,” says Collins. “Think of this time as a luxury with your own personal chef—and live it up!  Then, to stay full and satisfied, raid the fruit salad (aim for two servings of fruit a day) and start your meals with vegetable soup or a salad to keep portions balanced.”  In addition, try to remember: sometimes less is more. So don’t forget to savor the taste of every food you try because the more time you take to relish it, the less you need to eat of it for the same level of enjoyment.

4. Take Some H20 To Go

Don’t underestimate the power of pure water to keep you feeling healthy and hydrated—not just when you’re active but when you’re in the sun or enjoying cocktails (or when you’ve enjoyed too many the night before). “Take a water bottle with you and fill it throughout the day,” says Collins. “Keeping hydrated not only helps with the hangover, it also helps you limit your drinks.” As a rough guideline, you should always aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces, i.e. a 150lb woman should ideally drink 75oz of water a day.

5. Time for a Quickie?

Rest assured: you can get some fitness in without spending too much precious vacation time doing it. Laura DeAngelis, a certified personal trainer and instructor in New York City, recommends circuit training because of the powerful bursts of activity that you can do in a brief session. “Doing a few minutes of something is better than doing nothing,” she says. Indeed, DeAngelis recommends what she calls the One Minute Wonder circuit, in which you spend one minute doing a series of simple exercises that work every muscle.  This serves to both keep your heart rate up and burn calories.

6. Enjoy Instant Gratification

Plan your post-workout R&R time: book time in the spa, savor a long poolside nap or enjoy a quiet read on your veranda. Planning for a little indulgence after you exert yourself can be just the ticket to getting you through a little onboard exercise.

7. Or, Let Exercise Be Its Own Reward

If you love a good workout but always feel too rushed to squeeze it in during the workweek, this is your time to enjoy what you never get to do, whether it be a full five-mile run, some weight-training, or a luxurious 20-minute stretch session. Consider it the ultimate luxury: uninterrupted and uncontested “me” time.

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