“Top Chef” Names New Winner, New Partnership with Celebrity Cruises

Top Chef at SeaCongratulations to Nicholas Elmi, winner of the 11th season of Bravo’s reality cooking show “Top Chef.” On Wednesday night, the Philadelphia-based chef bested Nina Compton, the favorite going into the final round, for the top title. Over the course of the season, Nicholas faced accusations of under-seasoning his food and being overly hard on himself — as well as being at odds with self-taught chef Carlos Gaytan and yelling at his wait staff. Nina ended up winning Bravo’s “Fan Favorite” award. 

Though (original flavor) “Top Chef” will now be off our screens until the fall, there’s still ample opportunity to catch one of your favorite cheftestants — in person. Earlier this week, Celebrity Cruises and Bravo TV announced the companies were teaming up to launch “Top Chef at Sea,” a new culinary adventure that allows Celebrity guests to meet their favorite cheftestants and best of all, actually get to taste their food. (No more drooling at delicious-looking, but unattainable TV fare!) Starting this July, 10 Celebrity ships will start offering Quickfire Challenges with select chefs and “Top Chef”-inspired menus.

“Top Chef” obsessives should also keep an eye out for Celebrity’s four signature “Top Chef”-themed voyages, which will depart July 27, August 15, September 19 and November and set sail for either Bermuda, Alaska, Europe or the Caribbean.

For more information on “Top Chef at Sea,” visit the Top Chef at Sea website and get a taste of what’s to come with Season 10 winner Kristen Kish below:

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