The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibit

modernist cuisineFormer Microsoft executive-turned-food science author Nathan Myhrvold first shocked the cooking establishment with his self-published, six-volume “Modern Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking” in 2011. His 2,400 page — and 47 pound — tome went above and beyond previous cookbooks.He and his team broke down the science behind why certain cooking techniques work and illustrated, with lush photography, everything from the best ways to grill, smoke and stir-fry meat, to the best approaches for optimal cooking sous vide. The collection, which was named the Cookbook of the Year by the James Beard Foundation, also included over 300 pages of new recipes for dishes suitable for top-tier restaurants, as well as recipes adapted from master chefs including Grant Achatz, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, and more.

Myhrvold followed up “Modernist Cuisine” with a version for home books, called “Modernist Cuisine at Home,” in 2012 and a book about the photography of his earlier books in 2013. Its the latter book that has become a photography show on its own. “The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition” features over 100 photos Myhrvold and his team have taken over the past seven years, blown up to gallery-size images — some as large as six feet across! Photographs include close-ups of the white, not blue interior of a blueberry and red-organge flesh of a salmon, as well as a side view of vegetables in cut jars (pictured), which was created by suspending the jar contents in gel and gluing a glass plate to the pot.  Videos displays include watching a kernel of popcorn explode in slow motion courtesy of a high-speed video camera.

The exhibit premiered at the Pacific Science Center in popular port city Seattle, Washington in October 2013, and runs through February 17, 2014. At that point, the show will travel to other cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. Foodies can look into getting tickets now at the Pacific Science Center website.


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