Donna Karan’s Expert Travel Tips

ShoppingDonna Karan may be best known as the head of a multimillion-dollar fashion empire, but she’s also the founder of the Urban Zen Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving global health by combining Western medicine with nutrition, yoga and Eastern healing practices. To support the New York-based center, which is currently hosting an Urban Zen Holiday Marketplace in part for charity, Karan travels the globe to broaden her horizons and help others. She’s also constantly on the road looking for creative inspiration for her brand.

Given Karan’s on-the-go status, AXESS magazine the exclusive lifestyle magazine of Celebrity Cruises, asked the design maven to share some of her expert travel tips.

Expect the Unexpected

“Plans can change in an instant. I’ve broken my arm in Australia and my knee skiing in Idaho. I’ve also met fascinating people or discovered something I loved and changed my plans accordingly. You have to be open to the unknown.

Talk to the Locals

“I love meeting artisans and hearing stories about how they learned their craft and how they live. You really get a sense of the culture, and that really enriches the experience.”

Pack Light

“A DKNY cozy is one of the most flexible pieces you could bring. It wraps around the body in a number of ways, always looking different. Wear it as a top, an easy jacket, or a lightweight sweater.”

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