Reflection Atrium Tree Invites Self-Discovery

AtriumThere are no shortage of Christmas trees aboard Celebrity’s ships this holiday season, but few can match the majesty of the living, suspended Atrium trees on the Solstice Class ships. Standing at hundreds of feet tall, each tree installation marries the conceptual with the magical, and reflects the theme of the particular ship it stands in.

The Atrium Tree aboard Celebrity Reflection
The Atrium Tree aboard Celebrity Reflection

The newest addition to the collection is the Atrium Tree aboard the Reflection, which joined Celebrity’s ranks in 2012. Designed by artist Bert Rodriguez, the installation anchors the Upper Grand Foyer and represents a tree reflecting upon itself. The upper portion of the tree is alive, whereas the man-made section hanging down is made of cast aluminum and electrical lighting, inviting questions of identity and self-reflection.

As inspiration, Rodriguez says he took his initial idea of seeing a tree reflected in the water, but changed the bottom tree “so it could have a life as the sun goes down on the ship.”

“The living tree on the top grows and comes to life while the sun is out,” he says, “and the bottom tree, with each of its branch ends housing lights, comes to life as the sun disappears and becomes a sort of ghost chandelier doppelganger of its living reflection above.”

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