“Travel Junkie” Julia Dimon Boards Celebrity Solstice to Take on Alaska

Julia Diamond AlaskaLast month, travel writer—and Celebrity Cruises Global Insider —Julia Dimon took an eight-day cruise from Vancouver, Canada to Alaska to explore “the great North” on board Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice, one of the cruises line’s more decorated ships.

(Click image to play video.)

Dimon’s journey took her to a breathtaking variety of locales, including Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point and Ketchikan, which she explored via land, sea and air. At each stop, she marveled at the granite cliffs, icebergs, glaciers and “Mother Earth’s good work” at large, as well as took full advantage of Celebrity’s offshore excursions, signing up for a wide range of activities, including a tribal dance group at Icy Strait Point and a White Pass Scenic Railway tour following the Klondike Gold Rush route in Skagway. (On Dimon’s road less travelled, due to time constraints?  Kayaking, brown bear-searching, freshwater fishing, dog sledding and ziplining, just to name a few.)

But Dimon’s Alaskan adventure wasn’t only off shore.  She also signed up for many of the shipboard activities offered by Solstice, as seen in the video below:

As Dimon notes, no shipboard experience is complete without taking a Zumba class, watching a culinary or glass-blowing demonstration, lounging in a pool side hammock, playing the slot machines or sipping from a gigantic martini. Solstice travelers, in particular, can also take advantage of an on-board Canyon Ranch SpaClub and fitness center, where they can pamper themselves with spa treatments.

If you’ve dreamed about seeing miraculous displays of nature like the Aurora Borealis, exploring new cultures, and seeing animals like black bears, bald eagles and humpback whales living peacefully in their own habitats, Alaska is the place to go — and Celebrity Cruises is the cruise line to take you there!

14 Comments on ““Travel Junkie” Julia Dimon Boards Celebrity Solstice to Take on Alaska

  1. We just came back from a cruise in Celebrity Solstice yesterday,it was fantastic……

    • We were on tour cruise, and it was fantastic! Nothing like watching Sawyer Glacier at 6AM from your balcony!

  2. We leave July 4th on the Solstice! Can’t wait to experience the glory of Alaska! We are excited to be going back on the Solstice. Mediterranean Cruise in the fall of 2011 was wonderful!

  3. I leave July 18 on Solstice! I can’t wait to see Alaska! This is my first cruise.

    • We’re so excited for you to take your first cruise! Alaska is beautiful — let us know what you think!

    • A word of warning re cell phones. The wifi on the ship is awful, and if you use your cell phone without an international plan you’re apt to get hosed for data charges when you get back. Alaska is considered international.

  4. Hi! We are leaving Friday with teen aged kids and we are doing the excursion of the kayaks….are we going to freeze? Is this really going to be fun? As he mom, I am a little worried.

    • Don’t know if you’ll freeze, but when we were in Tracy Arm Fjord on June 6th the temperature on deck was 40 degrees. Should be somewhat warmer now. Dress in layers.

  5. I’m booked on the Solstice next May; needless to say I can’t wait either! An Alaskan cruise has been on my ‘bucket list’ for several years. Went on the Solstice for 2-day preview a few years ago – she’s awesome!

  6. Booked on the Solstice for early Sept. to Alaska…..getting excited!!! First cruise and have wanted this for over 30 years!!!

    • We are sure you won’t be disappointed. It’s an amazing vacation – worth the 30 year wait.

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